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Corporate Apparel Works For Your Own Staff Too

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If you're a business owner, manager or marketing executive, you know the value of distributing corporate apparel to your client base. After all, people who wear shirts with your logo and use your pens and coffee mugs are essentially walking billboards for your brand. It's easy to forget, however, that corporate apparel can also have a benefit closer to home -- distributed among your staff members. Giving corporate apparel to your company's staff has multiple benefits; it provides an easy way to recognize a job well done, can foster camaraderie and, of course, improve the exposure of your brand. Here are some ways you can approach distributing corporate apparel within the office.

Employee Recognition

Multiple business publications, including Forbes magazine, suggest that failing to properly recognize your staff members can lead to myriad issues, including resentment. Instead of simply expressing your thanks when employees exceed your expectations, pump up the fun factor by holding monthly contests. These contests can include sales competitions and challenges to get the highest satisfaction from the public, and can also hold in-house contests to recognize staff members who go the extra mile to help the company run smoothly. At the end of each month, give formal recognition to the winners and hand out some corporate swag.

Team-Building Activities

An effective staff is one that works as a team, and many companies strive to provide events for employees to spend time together in a fun setting away from the office. Whether you have the budget for a day-long or weekend retreat filled with a combination of games and strategy sessions, or you simply want to gather the crew for an afternoon of bowling or mini golf, this occasion serves as an ideal opportunity for handing out some corporate apparel. If you choose to give high-end apparel to the "team" of staff members who wins a competition, it's ideal to also give other items to the rest of your staff to ensure everyone is included.

Prize Drawings

Few things around the workplace raise morale like prize draws, and while many employees love to receive gift cards, movie passes and concert tickets, you can't go wrong with adding some corporate apparel to the mix. Branded shirts, jackets and travel mugs are ideal, but shouldn't take the place of traditional prize offerings. Instead, pair some corporate swag with a restaurant gift card, for example -- and your employee might even wear your company logo out to dinner.